Programming Coding Courses for Kids & Adults in Surrey. Anyone Can Code

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide world-class, premium, coding programs for anyone to develop real world skills for the real world future.

We believe that anyone can code, leading to improved digital literacy, self-confidence and an understanding of technology trends.

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Why Surrey Digital Academy

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Digital literacy is and will continue to be a key skillset in our globally and rapidly connected world. Everything from how we work, live and play is tied to some form of digital technology and it is easy to get overwhelmed or feel anxious and uneasy about the digital future. Knowledge is power, and by empowering individuals to build their digital skillsets, whether for personal growth or to shape a new future career, Surrey Digital Academy helps to understand and make sense of this digital future.

Currently, almost all of the opportunites for enhancing digital literacy is located in Vancouver. We want to change that by providing convenient, affordable and local options for world-class digital literacy education. Surrey Digital Academy is your local academy.

The Founder

Harish Raisinghani is a passionate, digital literacy educator based in Surrey, BC. To date, he has run the Learn & Talk Tech - Surrey Meetup group at the Surrey City Centre Library, where he hosts workshops on emerging technologies such as coding, data science, blockchain and machine learning. Harish loves to teach, learn & mentor. He has worked in the tech sector for the past 10 years in multiple roles such as project and product management, customer success, sales engineer and software developer. He is currently a tech consultant for multiple blockchain start-ups and private schools.

Harish has a master's degree in aerospace, is a graduate from the Engineering Physics program at UBC and grew up in Surrey attending Queen Elizabeth Secondary. Outside of the technology world, he loves scuba diving and is a recreational pilot.

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